Virtual Doula Support - We are here for you.

In recent developments regarding the Covid-19 virus, hospitals have adopted changes to their visiting policies.  Our effort, in support of their policies, is to decrease the stress level for both expecting mother and her birth partner while assisting the hospital in keeping exposure to a minimum.  As such, Hudson River Doulas will be offering virtual doula support in 2 new packages.  See details below.

Complete Virtual Doula Support Package:



 With a virtual doula at your fingertips, you can navigate your birth with more ease and confidence.  We bring a more humane and intuitive connection to a birth experience.  As trustworthy doulas, we spend time cultivating a relationship during your pregnancy so that when your birthing day arrives, it is with a sense of confidence and joy.  We understand the pressures moms to be are experiencing with the restrictions on who can be present in the hospital and strive to extend the time expecting couples can remain home in their early birthing time.  Below are things we are able to add to your experience virtually:

  • Provide insight on comfort measures.  This allows mom to remain home as long as possible before going to the hospital for the birth.  This support continues in the hospital (virtually) as long as mom would like.

  • Inform mom & her partner on her birthing progress to assist her in making a decision on when it is appropriate to go to the hospital according to her goals.

  • Remind birth partner of various concrete things they can do to bring comfort to a mom in various portions of her birth.  Provide insight on positive positioning strategies.

  • Have an open discussion of options present when making decisions in healthcare choices - before and during birth.

  • We provide insight as to what is happening and what to expect.  This allows couples to approach birth with confidence and less fear.

Live - Virtual Doula Split Support Package:



Having a live doula present in your home during earlier stages in your birthing time will increase your capability you relax, enhance your comfort level and provide confidence to move forward in your birth.  We know that you may not be able to take us into the hospital with you, but we can go with you virtually when it is time to transfer to your birthplace.  We provide the same benefits that the complete virtual doula package provides, but adding our physical presence in the home enhances your experience exponentially.  Below are things we provide in addition to the complete virtual package:

  • Directly provide comfort measures.  Let's face it, doulas have more experience touching and interacting with pregnant/birthing women than our birth partners do.  We love our birth partners, but a doula's touch is something special.

  • Explain, in person, what we are seeing and how that relates to your progress.  We have excellent intuition, when present, to decipher clues along the way to judge how far into labor a mom is.

  • Encourage the flow of transitions.  A doula can comfort mom while the birth partner is preparing for departure to the hospital.  Mom remains calm and confident, birth partner is focused and prepared.  What a great combination.

If a virtual doula package feels right for you, please reach out to us via phone.  All virtual doula packages must be purchased prior to doula support being provided.  We prefer to build a relationship leading up to the birth, but are accepting last-minute clients to absorb the pressure couples are feeling with the new restrictions hospitals are providing. The complete virtual package is available to clients outside our geographical area as well.  Contact Amanda Winters (845)264-0392 or Suzie D'Angelo (917)749-0513