Placenta Encapsulation


Many of our clients choose to utilize our Placenta Encapsulation Services. We offer professional placenta preparation services to the Hudson Valley as well as Danbury & Sharon, CT. Hudson Valley Placenta Services has been encapsulating placentas for new mothers since 2009. Our founder continues to pioneer high industry standards and was a founding member of the Board of Contributors and a training co-author for the international certifying organization APPA, the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts. 


You can learn more as well as register at - To learn about your choices for placenta services look under the "Options" page for more detailed information. To proceed with reserving and utilizing our services you'll need to do the following:


1) Register online by clicking here. This tells us exactly what you want to be done and give us written permission to do so. This is your consent for us.


2) Inform your provider of your plan to encapsulate. The hospital will have its own release form for you to sign, ask your nurse for this when you are being admitted so you don't have to worry about it after the baby is born and all the staff will be clear on releasing your placenta. This is your consent for your birthing place, which is totally separate from our registration form.


3) Pack our Transport Kit in your birth bag to bring with you to your delivery location and safely store your placenta ON ICE until we pick up. An instruction card is included in the Transport Kit, please call with any questions about safely packing the placenta. You can ask the staff to double bag your placenta in 2 of the provided food-safe bags and use the others to fill with ice to pack around your placenta, as specified on the newly illustrated instruction card. Please have the staff include three of your patient label stickers to identify your placenta in the side pocket of the Transport Kit. The Transport Kit will be mailed to you once your registration, deposit, and kit fee are received. Your Kit confirmation email and tracking information will be sent from PayPal to your email.

4) Text or call when in labor or immediately after delivery to keep us in the loop so we can plan accordingly: Suzie 917-749-0513
Please call only during daytime hours. Please text if it is overnight.


We typically meet your partner or designated family member outside of the hospital lobby to pick up your iced Placenta Transport Kit following the delivery at the arranged pickup time. We work very hard to have your completed capsules back to you within 3 days, if not sooner.

Please don't hesitate to ask, should you have any further questions. We're always happy to discuss the amazing placenta!

154 families served in 2016