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What You Need to Know

Do you perform any physical examinations?

Though our doulas are trained nursing experts, our role as your doula is NOT to perform any examinations - we leave that to the medical providers you have chosen.  Our role is to provide insight, assist you in making decisions, and an emotional bolster to improve confidence and bonding with your birth partner.  We spend time during your birth helping you find suitable activities and keeping you aware of the changes we see as they evolve.  Generally, during birth, people experience common things at different stages of birth.  Our insight into these changes helps us know what part of birth you are experiencing, when a good time to go to the hospital may be, and how to manage the sensations you feel as you are experiencing this life-changing moment. 

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

Our job is to enhance your partner's experience and provide them with the coaching to build confidence to work with you during your baby's birth.  We aren't there to replace their special role.  Sometimes childbirth can be prolonged, and every partner could use an occasional break. Sometimes they need an insightful doula to remind them of other things they can do to bring you comfort or show them where and how to touch.   They can take that break, knowing that you are cared for and in capable hands. 

What are your interactions with medical staff like?

Luckily we're all super comfortable and feel at home in a setting with midwives and physicians. Many of them appreciate that we are there to help you and that they can focus on the aspects of birth that require their attention while you are being emotionally centered, and physically supported by a knowledgable doula.  We know when to alert the staff to changes in your body, and we know how to help convey the right information to create the best experiences for our clients.  It's a win-win situation for all. 

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