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Our Journey to Become Doulas

We Focus on Your Family - Nothing Else

Each Member of Hudson River Doulas has a unique story about how they came to serve families as a doula.  When you meet one of us, ask us our story - we'll happily share.  A common theme that has emerged in each of our stories is that we LOVE working with families to help them meet their baby (in some cases babies)  and the beginning of our birth careers started as Registered Nurses.  We found the nurse role to be amazing when we could dedicate our time to our patients.  This is where each of us felt compelled to see if there was a better way to create more satisfying experiences, safer practices, and focus on the entire journey rather than the little snippet of time we spent with these lovely people in the hospital.  Some of us have a passion for prenatal and birth education, some feel more compelled to the birth process and helping families find the right approach for THEIR family, and some of us enjoy the period after the baby comes, where you get to know each other and learn to feed and care for your new baby.  ALL of us enjoy serving our community and the families in the Hudson Valley by making birth more manageable, more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Pregnancy Exercise
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