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Meet Our Doulas


Amanda is an experienced Doula, Childbirth Educator, Hypnobabies Expert, and Registered Nurse.  She has attended more than 1500 births in a multitude of settings since 2008.  Additionally, Amanda is currently a Midwifery Student at Stonybrook University.  Her approach to birth is one of "east meets west" where a multitude of complimentary approaches can be cherry-picked to create the best experience.  Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis is one of Amanda's favorite techniques to have  a better birth experience. 

 Chelsea Munkelt, RN, Doula


Chelsea is an experienced labor and delivery nurse and graduate midwife from Stonybrook University.  She is passionate about the empowerment home birth has provided the families in the Hudson Valley.  Her own recent birth at home was inspirational to Chelsea and led her to decide to support other families have a life changing and positive birth.   Her combined hospital and home birth experience gives her a unique perspective to serve her clients. Chelsea will be providing well woman care, contraception and primary care Summer 2024 once she completes her midwifery board certification. 

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We are currently not taking on new clients as Chelsea begins her career as a midwife and Amanda is finishing her last  year of midwifery training.  We're excited to see what paths our careers take and grateful to all of the clients who have helped us grow in this journey after serving the Hudson Valley for more than 15 years!

Chelsea will begin to provide GYN care to women in the area after she completes her midwifery board certification. She can provide well women visits, contraception, and other primary care roles. 

If you are a previous client we will happily join you for your birth.  Additionally we are working with home birth families as a dual role Midwife Assistant and Doula.  Please contact us if either of these situations are for you. 

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